Presentations and Podcasts

Chris Kubecka/Ry0ki

Paul’s Paul’s Security Weekly #498, 2017.

OpenFest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016 Workshop Open Source Intelligence Gathering How-to

Industrial Control Cyber Security USA, Sacramento, USA 2016. Peek a Book, I see You! OSINT

Last H.O.P.E Number X, NYC, USA 2016. Water Security, De Nile or In Seine with Geeks Without Bounds GWOB’s Lisha Sterling

Black Hat USA, Las Vegas, USA 2015. How to Implement IT Security after a Cyber Meltdown

Cyber Summit University of Memphis, Memphis, USA 2015.

Industrial Control Cyber Security Europe, London 9/2014 – Confessions of an OT/IT Hacker

SANS Asia Pacific ICS Security Summit and Training Singapore, 2013. When a SOC is more than a SOC

VUrORE Seminar Fighting Cybercrime, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2013. A Week in the Life of a Security Operations Center

Last H.O.P.E. Number Nine, NYC, USA 2012. The Internet is for Porn! How High Heels and Fishnet have Driven Internet Innovation and Information Security

28C3 December 2011. 28C3: Security Log Visualization with a Correlation Engine. What’s Inside your Network?


Locks are Worthless
Plot of SAN CPU Usage with R and RGL
SWTOR on VMware Fusion 4 #1

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