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DefCon 20 Badges Update 1

My smartphone camera and badge have made the rounds today at DefCon. Meeting new people and making sweet badge love to other badges. I am still on the lookout for other badges as well! If you have different badges and want to share please tweet me @secevangelism I’ll be around the con.

DefCon 20 Badges

I was issued an Isis badge, although not the best photographer. There are 57 different badges this year, this one is marked with the designers Lostboy’s signature, numbered #10,  0101 with human 13 marked on the bag. It lights up and reacts with other badges. I will try and take pictures of some of the other badges as I meet people. Here is a link to pictures of some other badges by Wired Update: Awesome write up in-depth about the badges and how to communicate with them on Human badges are in 21 different styles this year and some example code and tools can be downloaded from or these links (re-post)