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Social Engineering Tips

Cleaning crews and Keyloggers, oh my!


Capture The Flag competitions are very useful ways to rethink and find creative solutions to solve the challenge. The Social Engineering CTF caused me to think a few angles I hadn’t considered before. Top item of the flag list: Is IT Support handled in house or outsourced? All the way down to what technology the company is using. What’s contained in the photograph are potential attack vectors or key bits of information that could lead to exploitable opportunities. Take a gander J


Say Cyber one more time…

IT Security’s love hate relationship with the word Cyber

I attended DefCon 22 and as usual it was great! However, the word Cyber brewed controversy and passionate debates. One presentation by Keren Elazari thoroughly summarized the word’s roots and explained its essence. Others carried flasks embracing liquid alcohol yumminess upon the mere mention of the word.


I personally say it’s here as long as it’s used correctly but not too frequently. Do you hate the word? Have you played the Cyber drinking game? Or do you embrace it like a warm Snuggie?

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