Regarding the lack of Blog updates

Freedom of speech in a litigious society can be an extremely expensive proposition. My Advocate, although extremely experienced is as one would expect as equally expensive. We have a legal fund via insurance which only pays for <15 hours of his expert time. In June, 2012 we lost our home and cat to an electrical house fire, leaving us only with some clothes, our dog and unexpected bills for replacement of necessities, rent costs for our new temporary accommodation (the Wi-Fi is horrible). JK47 had to bring me some clothes and of all things deodorant before we presented. Amazing all the stuff/crud/clutter you don’t think about until it is literally up in smoke.

As such, we cannot afford at this time to have our attorney review every single digital conversation public or private. Due to the threat of severe financial repercussions I have chosen to self-censor these past few months after JK47 and I presented in NYC for The Last H.O.P.E. This was prompted by very stern legal correspondence from the same law firm Apple uses the week of our presentation. This self-censoring unfortunately had to include personal conversations with friends and family via email, Tweets, LinkedIn, blog, conference attendance and anything regarding the IT based security domain.

The current president of the US, Obama, recently spoke to the UN regarding the continued global legality of blasphemy and the idiotically dubbed and smarmy film short “Innocence of Muslims“. I was inspired by one small piece of advice; the answer to controversial speech is not censorship but more speech.

This blog will again focus on actual IT related topics, such as correlation engines, multiple layers of OSI security, malware, bots, covert communications channels, etc…. Some things my foray into DefCon badges has taught me: I suck at photography and I love the beauty of IT security. I read RFCs for breakfast! Additionally, we have formally requested a blanket authorization in writing from Baker & McKenzie for my conference attendance so hopefully I can participate again within the community.

Thank you for your patience during this issue.






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