Security B-Sides Las Vegas 2012 – Big Data’s 4th V (or why we’ll never find the Loch Ness Monster)

What is big data?

There are multiple definitions of big data other than just a buzz word. For the purposes of this talk it is large data sets. More sources are creating more output, phones, smartphones, web, SMS, etc…. For example real people can be identified based on online movie reviews which can be easily traced back due to statistical infrequency based on reviews of more obscure movie titles or items.

What is vulnerable?

Data harvesting tools, overload of data or sharing of too much private data without giving more private summaries or ranges so identification is not so easy.

Mr. Ottenheimer’s example, a request for information of 13 year olds which drink Pepsi. What data would you give to marketing if you wanted to retain privacy?

What now?

Protection of confidentiality, integrity of the data and availability.

The discussion was built on hard learned experiences dealing with large data sets. Mr. Ottenheimer is the author of two books, one of which is Securing the Virtual Environment. How to defend the enterprise from attack” and previously presented at B-Sides with A Cloud Odyssey and Dr. Stuxlove.

If you’d like to see more please watch the entire video or check out his blog.

Presentation Video

Davi Ottenheimer’s blog

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