Pleased today to live in a slightly more technologically informed county

Today the Netherlands government department of Veiligheid en Justitie / Safety and Justice is holding a meeting with several information security experts, journalists and business leaders. One of the people included is Brenno de Winter who alerted his network of over 11 thousand followers via twitter of the meeting, his appearance and a link to the agenda. Earlier in the week the Dutch Parliament rejected ACTA and forbade any similar such legislation from being signed. It appears my new chosen home’s government is choosing to more carefully examine information technology related legislation and is willing to consult experts. The list of attendees today is impressive in comparison with the recent decision to un-invite Bruce Schneier from hearings as requested by the USA Transportation Security Agency. It appears that Dutch legislative and judicial bodies are willing to look past assumptions of vacuum tubes and ask someone who knows how to use a computer for more than just email how the whole thing works and how it affects their constituency. Here are today’s attendees (translated):

  • Dhr. Boonstra, Professor of Information Management
  • Dhr. De Bruijn, Director ICTU
  • Dhr. Dijkstra, Chairman of the ICT Practice Group (Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn)
  • Dhr. Heeneman, sr. Client Director Government & Defence KPN
  • Dhr. Van Holst, Senior IT-Legal Advisor at Mitopics
  • Mw. Schönfeld, Author of the book How IT Project Success and Failure: Learning from Painful Experiences
  • Dhr. Veldwijk, ICT Entrepreneur and publicist
  • Dhr. Weijman, Founder and Managing Director AET Europe
  • Dhr. Zuurmond, Kafkabrigade
  • Dhr. Broeders, Senior Research Assistant / Project Coordinator WRR
  • Dhr. Hetzscholdt, Cybercrime Specialist
  • Dhr. Kamphuis, IT-Architect & IT-Strategy Advisor
  • Dhr. Prins, Director FOX IT
  • Dhr. Verhoef, Professor Computer Science VU and Advisor IT Innovator Info Support
  • Dhr. De Winter, Investigative Journalist IT-Security and Privacy
  • Dhr. Zwenne, Professor of Law and the Information Society at the University of Leiden Attorney

Link to Brenno de Winter’s Twitter feed for updates and other related news: @brenno

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